Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night we had a wave of adorable trick-or-treaters visit our townhouse. Annually the Little Brother/Little Sister program, which is organized by MOVE (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts), trick-or-treats from townhouse to townhouse. My roommate Mandi got some candy and we filled the commemorative High School Musical 3 popcorn bucket that I had gotten when I went to the movie on Sunday (yes, I love High School Musical and I am not embarrassed to admit it!). I was at dance class until about half way through the allotted trick-or-treating time, but I still got to see a lot of killer costumes - my favorite was the boy who told my roommate Kendra that he was "a gangsta." The kids and their bigs (SMC students) all got dressed up and did a really great job, but I was most impressed by the participation of townhouse residents - I saw a house of boys that dressed up and decorated the outside of their house and were actually sitting outside to welcome trick-or-treaters! This just illustrates another reason that I love SMC - it is such a community that everyone is willing to get some candy and open their doors to local children. It was so much fun!!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

so what are you going to do...

...after graduation?

This question tops my most asked question list. Everyone that I talk to feels the need to ask me this - people I've just met, family members, friends from home and here at school and most often, myself. Yes, you read that right. I am constantly asking myself where my life is going and what will happen after May 14th, 2009. Long way off? I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong, I love being an English major, but sometimes it leaves a bit to be desired in terms of clear answers as to where it may take your life. As my professors say, "the possibilities are endless!" but this is exactly what makes it so terrifying - where do I start? And why does EVERYONE insist on following that ever so frequently asked question with "Are you going to teach?" Nope, not planning on teaching.

My inspiration for this post is a package that I got in the mail today - a book I ordered from amazon.com called "I'm an English Major-Now What?" by Tim Lemire. It's actually a really great book - very practical with tons of information about potential career paths. This book made me incredibly excited in a very nerdy, English major-type way because as I flipped through it, I saw the infinite possibilities of my future come into focus a little better. The book gave me some practical advice on approaching work in the magazine industry, discussed freelance writing and talked about higher education. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up experiencing all of those areas of work and more. And maybe I will decide that I do want to teach. I'm keeping an open mind for now, but all of this is weighing on me fairly heavily.

If you were to ask me what my ideal career path would be, I would tell you this: work in college admissions for a few years, maybe do some non profit work (my internship at Make-A-Wish this semester has gotten me interested in this!) get married and start a family while maybe working on my masters degree in something having to do with communications/health or counseling and then go on to a career in magazine work or high school guidance counseling. Will this happen? We'll see. But one thing that I can guarantee you is that all of my experiences here at St. Mike's are going to benefit me more than I can know right now - the people I've met, the courses I've taken, the internships I've had and the traveling and growing that I've done over these four years will all come into play throughout the rest of my life.

Want to know something else that I can guarantee you? I will be asked "so, what are you going to do after graduation?" at least six times tomorrow. Seriously.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday Knight Dry/MidKnight Madness

Last night two fun programs took place on campus - even though their names are a little cheesy, they were both successful and well attended.

The first event, Friday Knight Dry, was very similar to the same event that I wrote about last semester - the event encourages students to stay sober on a Friday night by having a ton of campus events and rewarding attendance with play money and a late night auction with that money. My roommate Kendra and I went to a 9 hole Halloween-themed hallway mini golf course in Ryan Hall, a dance party in Canterbury Hall, a Carnival in Pontigny Hall and a concert featuring Sleepless Knights and Mike Check (our two a capella groups on campus, Sleepless Knights is co-ed and Mike Check is an all male group). Around 11 the auction took place with one of the nurses from health services as the auctioneer - she's actually a certified auctioneer! Kendra and I managed to get $3000 between the two of us (and a few donations from friends that we met up with), but most things were going for a little more than that - I think a lot of people took advantage of the Friday Knight Dry Kasino and got a ton of money...Even though we didn't win anything, we had a great time!

After the auction was over, most of the people headed over to the gym for MidKnight Madness, which is the first time that the basketball teams can officially practice for their upcoming season. SMC has made an event out of this for the past few years encouraging people to come to the gym at midnight by giving away free pizza and drinks, having a DJ and having lots of prizes. They were giving out t-shirts (I won one!) and also drawing raffle tickets to have students come out onto the court for a variety of contests both with and without the players. Overall it was a successful event and a ton of people went!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Weekend

This past weekend was pretty much the peak of an amazing Vermont fall - the weather was beautiful (sunny and 60's both Saturday and Sunday) and the fall foliage was really gorgeous. My family and I walked around Lake Iriquois (a small lake in Hinesburg, VT, about 25 minutes from SMC) on Saturday because both my sister Emily and I were home for this long weekend - we have today (Monday) and tomorrow off for Columbus Day. Here is a picture of us after we finished our hike!

On Sunday my mom, Emily and I headed to Northern Lights in Essex. My roommate, Gil works at Northern Lights and she encouraged us to check it out - it was so cool! We went through a challenge course of ropes, wires and a zip line with a group of five other people and the assistance of Gil and her coworkers. It was a great experience - check it out if you come to the Burlington area!

I am excited to have another day and a half at home - I love school, but I also really love home! My mom and I are going to go on her typical daily 3 mile walk when she gets home from school today (she's a teacher) and we are having a special dinner to eat in front of the Red Sox game this evening. Tomorrow I am heading back to school for a few hours in the middle of the day for yoga class and lunch with Mallory (an Admissions Counselor who was a former summer tour guide and blogger!). I will head back to school later tomorrow evening for a short week of classes!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Dinner

As you saw from the photos that I published a few days ago, I live in an amazing townhouse here on campus. I absolutely love it - and I especially love my roommates. I live with three other girls, Kendra (the one in the picture that I posted!), Mandi and Gil. We also spend a good amount of time with Mandi's boyfriend, Stew. I have known Kendra, Mandi and Stew since freshman year, and Gil since sophomore year, when we all lived together in a suite.

Each week we have "family dinner" where all five of us sit down together to eat dinner. We settled on Tuesdays as a good day for this dinner to happen, but tonight we decided that Thursdays are going to work better - it is SO hard to get everyone together all at the same time, but it is completely worth it to all sit down together and take turns cooking for each other. We are all incredibly different, but yet still have a hilarious time whenever we are together. Tonight we joked that at each family dinner a new quote is put up on our quote wall (a ridiculous compilation of a variety of quotes that have been uttered in our house) and we always laugh so hard that someone (usually me) falls out of their chair and someone else laughs so hard that they can't stop coughing (usually Gil). Needless to say we really enjoy one another's company!

The fact that we all have different schedules and very separate lives works really well for us - one of my roommates is student teaching, another plays rugby, another juggles two on campus jobs and we all have separate groups of friends - but we are also really great compliments for each other and really good roommates. Our family dinners just remind us to slow down and enjoy one another's company!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008


This weekend I headed home because it was Homecoming weekend at my high school - I graduated from Essex High School in Essex Junction, Vermont, which is the largest high school in the state of Vermont with about 1600 students. I didn't like going to a large high school, but it definitely gave me a ton of opportunities to pursue a variety of extracurricular activities, take AP courses and experience a competitive academic environment. I wasn't much of an athlete in high school (the only sport that I participated in was one season of cheerleading which I quickly learned wasn't for me...), but I did go to the occasional football or soccer game, so I was excited to return to the old stomping ground this weekend.

My family and I started by going to an afternoon soccer game - my cousin is a sophomore at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg, VT (a HUGE rival of EHS - my sister and I still get picked on by extended family for being EHS alumni!) and CVU happened to be Essex's opponent. I had a hard time deciding who to cheer for! My cousin played a good game and even though Essex won, it was great to see her out on the soccer field.

After going home and warming up (it is definitely feeling like fall here!), we headed back for the football game. I really don't like football, but I love watching the cheerleaders and the half time show, complete with the homecoming court and class competitions. Because my younger sister just graduated from EHS last year I still know quite a few people at the school so it was good to see them!

Going back to my high school has been pretty common for me since coming to SMC - it's only a few minutes away from campus and because my sister played basketball every year since I've been here, I've made my way back for lots of her games, a few school plays and homecoming events. Now that my sister is here with me at SMC, these trips will probably start to fade away - it's so weird to think about a place that was such a huge part of my life for four years fades away just like most everything else...if you are a senior in high school be sure to enjoy every minute of your last year in high school!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

My House!

Here are the promised photos of my townhouse!

Here's the entrance to my room, a single in the

That's the rest of my room!

There's my roommate Kendra sitting downstairs in our living room/kitchen!
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