Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Weekend

This past weekend was pretty much the peak of an amazing Vermont fall - the weather was beautiful (sunny and 60's both Saturday and Sunday) and the fall foliage was really gorgeous. My family and I walked around Lake Iriquois (a small lake in Hinesburg, VT, about 25 minutes from SMC) on Saturday because both my sister Emily and I were home for this long weekend - we have today (Monday) and tomorrow off for Columbus Day. Here is a picture of us after we finished our hike!

On Sunday my mom, Emily and I headed to Northern Lights in Essex. My roommate, Gil works at Northern Lights and she encouraged us to check it out - it was so cool! We went through a challenge course of ropes, wires and a zip line with a group of five other people and the assistance of Gil and her coworkers. It was a great experience - check it out if you come to the Burlington area!

I am excited to have another day and a half at home - I love school, but I also really love home! My mom and I are going to go on her typical daily 3 mile walk when she gets home from school today (she's a teacher) and we are having a special dinner to eat in front of the Red Sox game this evening. Tomorrow I am heading back to school for a few hours in the middle of the day for yoga class and lunch with Mallory (an Admissions Counselor who was a former summer tour guide and blogger!). I will head back to school later tomorrow evening for a short week of classes!

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jasjit_us said...

I read your posts with interest. Firstly,it seems you have a very busy schedule. Secondly, you have refreshingly positive attitude towards life.

A request please. I live in a place far away, in another continent. I have always been enamored of Vermont, ever since I first saw old episodes of Newhart.

Could you post some more photographs, of the lake, of other scenic places around there which you like.