Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Dinner

As you saw from the photos that I published a few days ago, I live in an amazing townhouse here on campus. I absolutely love it - and I especially love my roommates. I live with three other girls, Kendra (the one in the picture that I posted!), Mandi and Gil. We also spend a good amount of time with Mandi's boyfriend, Stew. I have known Kendra, Mandi and Stew since freshman year, and Gil since sophomore year, when we all lived together in a suite.

Each week we have "family dinner" where all five of us sit down together to eat dinner. We settled on Tuesdays as a good day for this dinner to happen, but tonight we decided that Thursdays are going to work better - it is SO hard to get everyone together all at the same time, but it is completely worth it to all sit down together and take turns cooking for each other. We are all incredibly different, but yet still have a hilarious time whenever we are together. Tonight we joked that at each family dinner a new quote is put up on our quote wall (a ridiculous compilation of a variety of quotes that have been uttered in our house) and we always laugh so hard that someone (usually me) falls out of their chair and someone else laughs so hard that they can't stop coughing (usually Gil). Needless to say we really enjoy one another's company!

The fact that we all have different schedules and very separate lives works really well for us - one of my roommates is student teaching, another plays rugby, another juggles two on campus jobs and we all have separate groups of friends - but we are also really great compliments for each other and really good roommates. Our family dinners just remind us to slow down and enjoy one another's company!

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Mark said...

Hey Carrie:

Great to see you're having a great senior year! Keep up the great blog and keep listening to that Tom Petty... It ain't time to get going yet :)


Mark Preston '00
& Elisa