Monday, February 22, 2010

Life Update

Hey Blog Readers!

I'm back! I've had a busy few weeks with another MiddAction Fair (the one for spring semester!) to plan - and I am happy to report that it went off without a hitch last Tuesday. Over 100 students passed through the fair where 22 community partners and 17 student organizations were presenting volunteer opportunities. It was so much easier to plan the fair this time around because I at least had some idea of what I was doing...because I'd done it before and because I now know so many students, community partners and key people on campus! Here's a photo of the event...

In SMC news, I was chosen to give the Mission Talk on March LEAP! If you remember back to my time at SMC, LEAP was a retreat that I was pretty involved in, starting during my junior year and continuing through my senior year. I served on team twice, once as a support team member and once as the Support Rector. Another option for LEAP team is to give a talk on the weekend, and I felt really called to give a talk on this particular LEAP. The Mission Talk is about what happened in your life after you made your first LEAP, so I am happy to be telling my story as a recent graduate with some definite struggles but also with definite successes! The weekend is from March 5th - 7th and I can't wait! My younger sister, Emily, is also serving on talk team as the prayer person. Yay!

After an unfortunately short hockey career (as a former figure skater, the Middlebury staff team, Staff Infection, thought that I might be an asset to them. I was absolutely horrible, and officially retired after one game due to the fact that Staff Infection didn't make the playoffs. Perhaps I will come out of retirement, but not in the foreseeable future), I decided to start dancing again and am SO happy. I am taking a jazz class on Thursday afternoons here at Middlebury and am loving every minute of it!

Another revived obsession of mine is fiber art...aka knitting and self-taught crocheting. I'll update next time with pictures of my projects! I am having so much fun with it!

Hope that you are well - as always, comments are are out there, right?! :-)