Friday, June 26, 2009

Camp Life!

WOW - I haven't updated you in a very long time - sorry! I have officially been at camp for three weeks and felt like I have lived three extra years. There are so many new experiences and opportunities for growth here; plus lots of really big challenges and hard work. As a member of management team, the success of the camp and the happiness of the campers really rides on our shoulders - if a change needs to be made, we have to make it, if a plan needs to be implemented, we have to implement it. Being a member of management is quite a different experience from what I'm used to, but I am learning so much.

After two weeks of intensive orientation, staff was really ready for the campers to come, and now that they've been here for almost a week, new celebrations and new challenges are arising each day. Our staff is a really great group - we have come together well! Saint Mike's taught me a lot about what it means to be in a community, and I think that I am bringing that experience here. I never think twice about greeting campers and counselors with a smile and a "hello" because that is the way of life at SMC. I never hesitate to look to a member of the community when I need help, and I never hesitate to help when someone else needs help - all because of what I learned in the SMC community.

Another thing that is going really well is my teaching - I am teaching two dance classes (beginning jazz and beginning hip hop) as well as a section of summer reading. I love them all and I especially love seeing the campers succeed and have fun with what I teach them. It's great to be back to dancing and it's also great to have some time carved out in my day to just read with the kids!

I will hopefully have some pictures to post soon - until then though, hope you're having a great summer!