Thursday, April 19, 2012

Founders Society End of Year Banquet!

Our student ambassador program, Founders Society, celebrated the end of the year with a BBQ banquet on Tuesday evening. The advisors and coordinators grilled and provided all of the fixings in order to thank our students for their hard work this year. Check out some photos of the event taken by Gabbi!

Mike (Academic Day and Phone-A-Thon Advisor) and Eric (next year's Academic Day and Phone-A-Thon Coordinator) grilling up a storm

Matt (next year's Alumni Coordinator), Eric, Mike and me (Tour Guide Advisor who clearly has something important to say at this very moment) attempting to make veggie burgers.

Meg (Tour Guide Coordinator and Crown & Sword Award winner) and me before dinner.

Jerry Flanagan (VP for Enrollment Management) and Mike (Alumni Coordinator and Crown & Sword Award winner) during the ceremony.