Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

With all of this tweeting about my time on the road, I wanted to give you Tuesday's Tip about how you can connect with me - check this out to see my travel schedule! If I'm coming to your high school, try to come down and see me at your Guidance/College Counseling office and if I'm at a College Fair in your area, be sure to stop by, say hello and learn more about St. Mike's!

I would LOVE to meet you while I'm out on the road!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Jersey Bound

Today I was looking up traffic laws in New Jersey, which is my first travel destination. This might sound odd, but it was actually quite practical - I wanted to know if it was illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving in NJ (it is). I also learned that it is illegal to pump your own gas and for automobiles to pass horse-drawn carriages on the street.

At least I know. :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

hello BUSY!

Things have really picked up here in the Admissions Office! All off the counselors are preparing to head out on the road either next week or the week after - I'll be taking off on Sunday, September 19th for a week in New Jersey and a week in Albany, NY. I can't believe that it's actually here!

Traveling as an Admission Counselor is an involved process for sure - from ensuring that the car rentals and hotels are taken care of to programming your GPS and EZ Pass to packing your car to the brim with St. Mike's materials to letting students and high schools know when you are coming. Our office is a frenzy of packing materials into boxes, coding materials for different types of visits, assembling bags for counselors and so much more. I'm thankful to have one more week to prepare before taking off.

One really interesting program that counselors host while out on the road is our Coffee with a Counselor program - each counselor goes to a local coffee shop where they are traveling and sets up appointments for coffee and conversation with interested students and their families. I will be hosting Coffee with a Counselor sessions in Florham Park, NJ, Albany NY, Hackensack, NJ, Warren, NJ, Rye, NY and Syracuse, NY. I would love to meet with you if you live in one of these areas! Check out www.smcvt.edu/coffee for more information about this program, to learn about the dates and times in other locations and to make an appointment!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Like St. Mike's!

Campus is absolutely beautiful today - temps in the high 80's and beautiful sun! It's one of those days where I'm reminded of how beautiful Vermont is and how much I appreciate living here.

I was just taking a look at the St. Mike's YouTube channel and watched an awesome video that will give you a good view of how beautiful our campus is - it's a true bird's eye view! Check it out here and let me know what you think.

Best of luck to all you seniors out there beginning your last year of high school!