Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp People.

Today I was especially inspired to write this post after reading two amazing applicant essays about summer camp. As a camp person myself (I worked at Lochearn Camp for Girls in the summer of '09), I am always drawn in by essays about applicants' own camp experiences. Most of the essays focus on unconditional acceptance by others, enduring friendships, living away from home and family, being silly and being youself no matter what. These are just a few of the many important aspects of summer camp, but they tend to be the ones that stick with campers and camp staff forever.

My own experience working at summer camp was unbelievably challenging, but also left me with some of my best and most lifelong friends, incredible memories and true personal growth. From waterskiing on the lake to staying up all night with fellow staff members to crying tears of frustration with complete strangers, I look back on much of my camp experience with a smile. I think it's something that all camp people share - we just get each other.

If you have the chance to work at a summer camp during your high school or college summers, I hope you'll consider it. Camp people are an incredible group, and I think you'll find that you grow immensely from the experience.

 My two camp best friends, Amy and Emily, in our traditional Lochean uniforms
 Emily and I, one year after camp, at our reunion in Boston
 Lauren, me, Kaelyn and Jamie reuniting in Boulder, CO
Amy and I reuniting in Arizona in 2012. We've also reunited in Utah, Massachusetts, and Florida!

P.S. If you go to the Lochearn website, watch for me in the slideshow on the homepage...I'm wearing a Red Sox shirt and doing a split during my dance class!

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