Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We've all heard the saying that bad things come in threes, and from the way things have been going around my apartment lately, I completely agree with this superstition :-)

I live in downtown Burlington with two close friends from SMC, Mallory and Dustin. All three of us work in Higher Ed, we all love to laugh and have fun, love Broadway and live very well together. However, one of the things about living in an apartment as opposed to a dorm is dealing with a property and all of the potential problems. The past few weeks have illustrated pretty much all of these problems.

First, our toilet broke. Not much detail needed here, but that was issue number one.

Second, our heat broke. Which led to us learning that our chimney was blocked, which then led to us learning that the blockage was a family of squirrels, which then led to our chimney sort of crumbling.

Finally, we turned on the TV last night, as we do every Tuesday night at 8:00 to watch GLEE, and it was all snowy and broken. I was nominated to call our cable company, and as I was talking, my roommates got a case of the giggles, which led to me not being able to stop laughing, and led to a very, very unproductive phone call with the poor woman who was supposed to be troubleshooting our TV. The end solution was to have a technician come out on Sunday, so hopefully we will be in a less giggly mood then.

Bottom line - living on your own (even with roommates) is filled with adult-like challenges. But I'm thankful to have a place to call home and wonderful friends to share that with!

Now on to fixing the Check Engine light in my car tomorrow...

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