Monday, April 11, 2011

Girl Power

As I embark on my second week of spring admissions travel, I am struck by how much I am in the minority among my fellow business travelers - I see very few female business travelers, no matter where I am.

I spent last week in New Jersey traveling around to college fairs and didn't see any other women in my hotel who appeared to be traveling for business, and today I'm flying from Burlington to Baltimore (with a layover in Philadelphia, which is where I am right now) and have seen at least 3 times as many men making their way through the airports for business.

How can I tell who is traveling for business and who is traveling for pleasure? One big sign is being alone, as opposed to with a husband, wife or a group of family members. Professional dress is another big tip-off (although I'm not sure my purple converse exude business traveler...) as is a clear display of packing skill - business travelers usually pack very effectively and have matching luggage, a laptop case etc...Plus, you can always tell the vacationers by their shorts and tans in an airport far from where they received that tan...

I really enjoy traveling for SMC and I have absolutely no problem being in the minority...last week one of the hotel clerks told me that I was the youngest "Gold Elite" hotel rewards member that's she'd ever seen at her hotel. Gotta get famous for something!

If you are in MD/DC/VA I hope to see you as I attend college fairs this week. Thinks of me in a sea of businessmen as a businessWOMAN in my purple converse!!
Lookin' fly :-)

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