Thursday, May 19, 2011

Commencement - Where to Now?

This Monday, the Saint Michael's College Class of 2011 officially became alumni! A huge congratulations goes out to each and every member of this influential and successful class.

Check out two videos that Mallory made to recap Commencement!

The common concern among recent graduates from any college is where they're off to next...but based on the statistics from the Career Development Office, the education that students receive at Saint Michael's College serves them well!

The most current statistics (for the class of 2010) indicate the following about the whereabouts of SMC grads six months after graduation:

70% full time employment
19% graduate school
9% part-time employment
7% full-time volunteer
2% other
(These numbers don't add up to 100% because some students are doing more than one of these things - i.e. part-time employment plus graduate school...)

Even with the current, difficult economic climate, Saint Michael's College graduates are out in the world, conquering their next steps. Congratulations to all, and welcome to the Alumni Association!

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