Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks IT!!

I got home from Easter break last night (we had Friday and Monday off and I spent a relaxing weekend at home...I got a lot of work done, had a job interview and enjoyed the increasingly beautiful spring weather!) and to my surprise, started having computer problems. SMC's Information Technology department is really good about making sure that all computers on the network are protected from viruses, and since I had updated my virus protection while I was at home, there was some miscommunication between my computer and the network so I wasn't allowed to connect to the internet...It was kind of a pain, but I called IT as soon as I got up this morning and they had it all fixed in a matter of minutes.

The IT department here is great - they fix problems like this and also ensure that everything with technology is running smoothly on campus. It was great to have them just a call away when something goes wrong!

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