Saturday, April 4, 2009

busy week!

I'm up early today to give a tour to students accepted into the SMC class of 2013, so I thought I'd update you on life back in the US.

Coming back has been tough to say the least - spending time in a place that is so different and so refreshing made it extra hard to come back to the daily grind of classes, meetings and work, but I had a pretty busy week filled with lots of great stuff to keep me going!

Highlights include our third organized DR reunion since we've been back on Monday, a tour on Tuesday, an Extended Service welcome back dinner where each group that went on a service trip over break shared their experiences over a delicious dinner, the last Virtual Open House of the year on Thursday and the beginning of parents weekend yesterday with the Phi Beta Kappa induction.

My job search was also in full swing this past week, setting up interviews and getting the word out that I'm looking for a job...I met with Heidi, the director of the MOVE program on Thursday to discuss opportunities that she knows of. One thing I love about the SMC community is that even in rough economic times like these, there is always someone on campus who knows someone who might have an opportunity for you. I by no means think that I am going to secure my dream job at the end of this year, but I know that with the support and resources of the SMC community, I have to find something. I'm interviewing for a year-long AmeriCorps position on Monday and a summer position with the DREAM program on Friday, so wish me luck on those!

I've got a few big projects to finish before the school year ends (my fictional story for Fiction Writing and my big magazine project for Magazines and Feature Writing) as well as a few performances (April 30th my dance class is performing outside as part of the Spring Arts Festival and May 1st my drumming class is performing at 7pm). I'll keep you posted on how everything goes!

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