Monday, April 20, 2009

It's starting to come together....

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a lot of apprehension surrounding the big event on May 14th. Not so much graduation or leaving St. Mike's (I feel ready), but what comes after it - I hear it's called the real world. I've been searching for jobs and submitting applications like a madwoman, and am definitely feeling the weak economy - I've only gotten a few calls on the 15ish jobs I've applied for thus far.

HOWEVER - I have fantastic news! I was offered a summer position at a summer camp as a division head (member of senior staff that supervises a division of the camp). I haven't officially accepted, but I am definitely excited about this - I am going to look over the detailed job description and chat once more with the director before I officially accept. I'll be sure to post more info as soon as it's all finalized!

I also have a job interview tomorrow for my first choice position - it's an AmeriCorps*VISTA at a local college working in their community service office - hopefully that will go well! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I am going to do my very best!

Things are starting to come together... :-)

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