Monday, January 19, 2009

One Week Down...

Last week was a great start to the semester; I really liked all of my classes, I got to spend time with my roommates and other friends, attended a spa party at my friend's Mal's house and went to a show at the Flynn Theater on the Cultural Pass.

My favorite class thus far is my Magazines and Feature Writing class. It is an upper level journalism course and despite my lack of journalism experience, it is going really well. I have always loved magazines and because I also really like writing, this class seems like it will be perfect for me! Our major project for the semester is to create our own magazine; I'll keep you posted on that!

I also really enjoyed my Fiction Writing course. This is my last English requirement and is very different from other courses that I've taken. Our major project for the semester will be to write a fictional story; we'll see how that goes! Our assignment for this week was to work on 20 pages of autobiography in the third person to get us started on creating a character voice while writing about familiar events. It's hard to write about myself, but I am enjoying this exercise. We also had to read three short stories from our textbook "The Best American Short Stories 2008." I just finished reading them; I liked them a lot! Now I have to write a short response paper about which story I liked best and why.

Advanced Dance and African Drumming also went well. African Drumming is going to be really hard! We are going to be learning a lot of rhythms and instruments throughout the semester...neither of which I have any experience with!

I have a few others things that will get under way this week...I am going to be the assistant in the same two Jazz I classes as last semester (same class, new students), which will start tomorrow. My internship will also begin this week on Thursday. I am SUPER excited to get started down at EatingWell! I am also giving my first tour of the semester tomorrow at 11.

As always, thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcome!

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