Sunday, January 25, 2009

Internship Round 2

You might remember that I did an internship at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Vermont last semester and that I mentioned my internship for this semester at EatingWell Media Group in Charlotte, VT. Well, I had my first day at EatingWell on Friday! I really enjoyed myself and have very high hopes for this semester.

There are a total of five interns this semester at EatingWell; one other person from Saint Mike's, Sarah. I have known Sarah since freshman year, but I got to know her especially well when we traveled to Pontigny, France together for a summer study abroad. Sarah and I headed down to the EatingWell offices on Thursday for the intern orientation, which was super helpful and informative. I went down by myself on Friday for my first official day. My site supervisor, Wendy, have me working with proofs for the March/April issue of the magazine, one of the assistant editors, Brierley, asked me to help with some introductory research and another assistant editor, Carolyn, was especially interested in working with me because of my experience with blogging.

One major perk about interning at EatingWell is the fact that they have a test kitchen where they test all of their recipes...and everyday at 12:30 they put out any leftovers to supplement everyone's lunch! The atmosphere at EatingWell is really fun and educational, and I am really happy to have the opportunity to intern there. Even though it is a bit of a commute (Charlotte is about 25 minutes south of Colchester, where SMC is located), it is going to be completely worth it!

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gigigirls said...


Looks like you hav e a great internship! Also, I would love to hear what it was like to intern at Make A Wish. It is one of my favorite organizations. I didn't even realize they have internship opportunites! I started this website called and it would be great if you could post your experiences!
Good luck at the new internship!