Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Storm!!!

The view from my window right now!

We're having a pretty big storm here in Vermont right now...check out Drew's blog for his video of the quickly falling snow!! I was supposed to go to my internship today, but since it is quite a drive for me, they called this morning and encouraged me not to come in because of how slow the roads are. As a native Vermonter, I consider myself a competent winter driver, but with everyone being cautious and driving slowly, I would have had a pretty long and slow commute down to EatingWell. The storm didn't start in full force until mid morning, so I was able to go to Jazzercise with no problem. Walking home from my 10:25 class was a little blinding because it was snowing so hard, but I love the quiet calm that snow brings - it's so relaxing to listen to the silence!

I am about to head off to my 4:30 class and then to intramural yoga; as you can see, campus doesn't shut down for a snow storm! We are expecting 10-18 inches, but since everyone lives on campus, it isn't hard to get to is going to be an adventure digging out my car tomorrow morning though!!

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