Sunday, December 14, 2008

lots to report!

A lot has happened since I posted last, even though it was only a few days ago! I handed in my thesis and celebrated with my class on Thursday, which was great. As I mentioned in my last post, we became really close throughout the semester and even though I am happy to have my thesis behind me, I am sad that the process is over!

I wrapped up in internship on Friday with a final official visit to Make-A-Wish. I will head back to the office for the holiday party this Thursday and see everyone again, but my hours are completed, my paper has been turned into my advisor and we have had out final meeting. This internship was a great experience...which leads me to my next piece of news...I was offered an internship at Eating Well Media Group for the spring - needless to say I accepted the offer! I am SO pumped about this internship. I interviewed with a really cool team of editors and got a really great feeling from the office as a whole - plus my good friend Sarah was offered an internship too! I will certainly keep you posted on this internship next semester!

My other classes are also done - this upcoming week is exam week, but I only had papers (which I finished) and a take home exam (which I got up early to finish on Friday), so I am officially done! All of my classes were great this semester, but I am looking forward to my schedule next semester.

I attended two pot-luck dinners this week - one was a LEAP reunion for my September LEAP and one was a gathering for my Dominican Republic trip. It's a lot of fun to attend pot-luck dinners now that I am a senior because I am able to cook something in my kitchen and bring it to share.

In other news, my NYC plans are firming up - my mom and sister along with my mom's best friend (her roommate from college!) and her daughter and I are going to head down to NYC on December 27th for a few days of sightseeing, shopping and fun. We have tickets to the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall and hope to see all of the typical NYC sites - my sister and I have never been so we are really looking forward to it!

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