Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Done!

I presented my thesis last night! I was incredibly nervous before/during the presentation--I haven't been that nervous in LONG time, but it went really well. I read my presentation along with six of my other classmates and then we fielded questions. The first two questions were directed at yours truly, and I was pleased with how I did. One of the questions was asked by my advisor (the professor who I meet with several times a year when choosing my schedule; I've also had him for two classes and worked with him as my internship faculty advisor), and the other was from another professor who I'd had several times.

Seeing all of the people out in the audience who were there to support us was a great feeling; other English professors go to support the department as a whole but also to support individual students who they have had in the past. Despite the fact that the professors are typically the ones asking the hard and scary questions, as soon as it's said and done they are the first ones to congratulate you! Every professor who I'd had in the past came up and personally congratulated me, which was great! My parents and my sister were also able to attend, which was really special--they got to meet my advisor and see me present my most important academic paper thus far.

I am really sad to see this process ending. My class has really come together through the process; we all supported one another throughout the entire process, especially during the presentations. I couldn't help but feel incredibly proud of all of them while they were presenting. Because we have been together for the entire semester, we have really seen each other's papers change and evolve. It was as if I had 13 siblings up there presenting the work that I know they worked so hard on. BIG shout out to my classmates, and a huge amounts of praise for a job well done!

I will officially be finished with my paper tomorrow when I hand it in at 2:30. After a few formalities, my class has decided to head down to RiRa, an Irish pub on Church Street in Burlington for some celebration together. I can't wait!

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