Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Celtics!

On Friday my roommate Kendra and I left on a roadtrip to Boston to meet up with her family and see a Celtics game - neither of us had ever been to a game and we were also planning on spending the night in Boston and doing something on Saturday morning before we headed back to school.

We met up with her family in White River Junction, VT and then caravaned the rest of the way, using walkie talkies to stay together and point out funny things along the way. I was driving-I had never driven into a city before, but we headed right into the middle of Boston to find our hotel! We checked in and all piled into Kendra's family's car (me, Kendra, her parents, her brother Alden and his friend Nick) to go to Quincy Market for dinner and then to the game. Kendra and I got delicious chowder for dinner and then we headed to the game - it was SO much fun! Even though the Celtics lost, we still had a great time!

The view from our seats!

Jason Varitek (in the white shirt) was sitting across the court from us!!

Saturday ended up being a rainy day, so we just went to the Target next to our hotel, filled up our tank with gas (a little cheaper than in VT!) and headed home. We stopped several times on the way home (at another Target, clearly!) and made it back to school around 5:30. It was a great weekend! If you have a chance to see a Celtics game, I highly recommend it - great entertainment and really exciting!
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