Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So as you all know, we have a new President-Elect of the United States. While I don't think this blog is the appropriate place to express my own personal political views, I did want to share the overall excitement of the SMC campus about the election. Like most young people, the majority of students seemed to support Obama, but more importantly, they seemed to support the election in general. Everyone was proudly sporting the fantastic "I voted" stickers and really encouraging others to get to the polls and vote. Our Student Association sponsored a shuttle every 30 minutes down the the polling place where SMC students who are registered in Colchester could vote, which was awesome. I am registered in my hometown of Essex Junction so I drove over to the polling place (my old high school) with my sister and voted around 5.

Voting in my first presidential election was really exciting - I didn't want to vote early or via absentee ballot because I wanted the whole experience...I wanted to walk into the polls and do my civic duty ON election day! I had the results on for most of the evening as I was doing homework, but ended up going to bed before the results were officially announced - but was woken up by lots of yelling and cheering outside my window at exactly 11 when Obama was announced as the projected winner. It was an exciting time on our campus and I was really proud to see how much SMC students cared about getting their voice heard. Awesome job!
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