Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Nights

In my humble opinion, Burlington is the absolute best place to spend a summer. The weather is great (not too hot, but hot enough to swim in the lake and do other typical summer activities), there's lots to do and there are lots of people around. Even though I've spent every summer of my life in Burlington, it just doesn't get old! Here are a few things that I'm up to in Burlington this summer...

1. Kickball! Did you know that there are leagues of organized kickball games for adults? Well, I give you WAKA Kickball, and my team, Kicking and Screaming! Our team is a mix of SMC staff members and UVM Doctor of Psychology candidates. We play on Monday nights at Oakledge Park in Burlington, and if I'm being honest, we're not very good. We've only won one of our games, but I've been having a grand old time. Our team color is pink (much to my excitement and the boys' frustration), and this is the best picture they could manage of us...

In the bottom picture I'm standing behind the person holding our score book with a very disgruntled look on my face. I swear I was having fun.

2. New Home! On June 1st I moved into a new place in Winooski, which is the town between Burlington and St. Mike's - so it's the perfect location! I moved in with 3 SMC alums from the Class of 2010 and am loving it so far. It's nice to be in a new location with new friends, all of whom are interested in getting out and making the most of our summer. Here's a photo of our first lantern launch on a beautiful summer evening in the middle of our new street!

3. Concerts! I love live music, and we have many great venues to take in shows in Burlington, including Higher Ground. This summer I intend to see Ingrid Michaelson, Of Monsters and Men and Citizen Cope, as well as attend the "Grand Point North" music festival which is featuring both Grace Potter & the Nocturnals and The Avett Brothers. It should be a great summer of shows!

I hope your summer is shaping up to be as fun-filled as mine is...and this doesn't even include the travel I've got planned...that's a whole separate post!

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