Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Action I...

decision letters have gone out! Here's hoping that you got good news from us in the awesome purple envelope, but if not, please don't be discouraged...

If you've been deferred from Saint Michael's College, please know that you have absolutely not received a denial letter - just as your letter says, "our hope is to encourage you to do your very best academic work in your high school classes at this time. You should know that last year we admitted a large percentage of students who were deferred during our early action review." It's so important to understand how much everyone here is pulling for you - as long as you really step up your game in the next few months and send us all of the results. Another piece of advice - keep in touch with us! It really demonstrates your interest when we see how much admission to Saint Michael's means to you.

If you've received a denial letter, please know that the door is not completely closed. As the letter says, our decision is final for the Fall of 2011 and we cannot reconsider you during our Regular Action deadline, however we very much hope that you will continue your education at another institution and will consider applying to Saint Michael's as a transfer student in the future if your interest persists (after you have completed at least two full-time semesters).

And of course, a huge congratulations goes out to everyone who was accepted into the Saint Michael's College Class of 2015! We had a record breaking number of applications for our Early Action I deadline and anticipate this this trend will continue - so congratulations on a job well done!

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