Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Application Season!!

I hope that this will help you with any questions that you have regarding what is required of your for you application to St. Mike's. A few points to clarify -

1. The application fee is waived if you visit St. Mike's BEFORE submitting your application - we cannot refund you after you pay the application fee, so please be aware of the requirement to visit before submitting your application.

2. We do not print our application, so when I say "one page front and back" I really mean two screens on the computer - it just helps me to visualize the actual length of the supplement by thinking of it this way, but don't let it confuse you...we're all online!

Hope this video helps - as always, e-mail me with questions (cpratt@smcvt.edu) or visit www.smcvt.edu/apply for all of this information in written form.

Best of luck!

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