Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

this is just so darn cute!

So yesterday was my last day of travel, and as much as I loved being out on the road, I am SO happy to be back! It's the little things you miss, you know? Like sleeping in your own bed with the sound of your own, familiar fan going, or driving on roads that you know like the back of your hand, or seeing family and roommates who are like family, or just being able to relax a bit. Yes, it's good to be back :-)

Yesterday was a great day of travel, however, because I got to see some awesome Halloween costumes on the students at the schools I visited! I was in Syracuse and visited four schools before heading home, and I was very surprised by the level of spirit that I saw from the students! I saw Rachel Berry from Glee, lots of Superheros, a few cowgirls (complete with a wagon and hay), a pig and a gorilla.

I find it absolutely hilarious when someone dressed up in a Halloween costume (or any costume for that matter) has to act normal. For example, when I was leaving one of the schools there was a teacher in the office dressed as Dumbledore from Harry Potter (fake flowing white beard and all) asking one of the secretaries where he was supposed to turn in the paperwork he was holding. I almost burst out laughing at the fact that the Dumbledore teacher was standing there, just like on any other day. The same goes from the Rachel Berry that I met - we had a full half an hour conversation about St. Mike's and her future while she was wearing a bedazzled pink headset microphone. I really like Halloween :-)

I hope that you get lots of treats and a few tricks thrown in too - and stay tuned for a couple posts about the fun "extracurricular" events of my travel season (Visiting a friend from camp in NYC! Taking Jazzercise in NJ & NY! Going to Mary Poppins with my mom! Going to a bunch of huge malls!)!

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rachel crawford said...

Hey Carrie thanks for the shout out! I'm Rachel Crawford, the Rachel Berry from CBA. You just made my night! Haha glad you had fun on your Halloween visit to my school. it definitely was very interesting