Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to Real Life

I am officially home from camp! It was a challenging summer, but I learned a lot and feel much more prepared for my next challenege. I can't believe that I am already finished my first post-graduation adventure! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the summer...
Amy (Junior Line Division Head), me, Ginny (Owner and Co-Director), Emily (Senior Line Division Head) and Kerry (CT Mom) at the awards ceremony after first session in our blues and whites, the traditional Lochearn dress (don't worry, we only wear them on Sunday nights and special occasions!)
My amazing staff on Sub-Senior Line - they came from all over the country and the world (South Africa, Australia, Canada and England were all represented!) and we all became awesome friends!

Emily, Amy and I at our staff dinner between first and second session of camp. These two lovely ladies became some of my very best friends!

I learned a lot this summer about so many different things. I learned how to effectively manage people, how to handle extremely stressful and confrontational situations, how to survive with complete strangers and then how to thrive with them as they became some of my closest friends. I learned to waterski (thanks Catherine!), how to do a back dive and a flip off the 3m diving board (thanks Hickey!), how to make some pretty killer friendship bracelets and how to crochet (thanks Flannery!). As much as I am happy to be home and ready to not be awoken at 5am by various wildlife and take less than hot showers among various creepy crawly bugs, I will miss the beautiful scenery and wonderful friends that I made during this experience!

I will officially begin my year as an AmeriCorps volunteer on Tuesday when I head down to Middlebury for four days to get my feet wet before my official orientation, which is a big conference in Philadelphia from the 24th- 28th. I'll keep you posted...and this time I mean it!

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