Friday, May 8, 2009

No More Homework!

Things are winding down her at SMC - classes and exams are done, grades are in and underclassmen have left - all that stands between the class of '09 and graduation is senior week!

My semester finished up really well - I finally attained the coveted 4.0! I enjoyed all of my classes and worked really hard on all of my final projects. My favorite senior project was for my Magazines and Feature Writing class - I had to design my own magazine! I had been working on the articles all semester, but I actually designed the whole thing which was really challenging and very exciting! Here are some of the pages....

The cover of "fit" magazine - a magazine for college women about health, fitness and nutrition

My personal essay about vegetarianism

The first page spread of my feature article

After mocking up all of the pages that I needed to, I created a PowerPoint, which I presented to the class on Monday - I think that my magazine was really well received and I am happy with the final project!

When I was assigned this project, I was really overwhelmed - I had never used design software before and was basically clueless - however after calling my professor (at home, no less!) and chatting things over with her, sitting down with my friend Sarah (from my internship) and getting an excellent tutorial and spending several hours in the computer lab, I was really happy with the finished project. I was really challenged by this project, but also learned a lot - plus I got an A!

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