Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today was SMC's big spring celebration - P-Day (which stands for "Preparation Day) has a lot of history at St. Mike's, going back many years. The day started off with the trike race (which pits student teams against one another to ride around the Alliot circle on crazy tricycles) and then progressed to the afternoon activities of inflatables (like jousting, slip-n-slide, bouncy house, bungee run, obstacle course) and free food from a variety of SMC's favorite Burlington restaurants. I enjoyed a Nutella crepe from Skinny Pancake, a falafel pita from Ali Baba's Kebab shop and some of my favorite peanut noodle salad from PK Cafe. There is a comedian performing in the sports center tonight followed by a late night breakfast in Alliot (the dining hall). The event is filled with crazy traditions (like groups of friends making puff paint shirts or jerseys) and I'm sad that this is my last one!

My friend and fellow Essex High School '05 grad Sarah ambushed me in the food tent - she was soaking wet from the slip-n-slid, but we still snapped this picture! Notice the girl on the right in the tank top and shorts; that's another friend named Sarah...she and I travel down to EatingWell magazine together to do our internships. To complicate this photo even more, the person taking it is another close friend, also named Sarah!

My sister and I racing in the obstacle course...she kicked my butt AND I tripped and fell off the end...oh well!

The weather was absolutely perfect...sunny and 80 degrees with a nice breeze - I expect that there will be quite a few sunburns in class on Monday!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

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