Tuesday, September 30, 2008

LEAP weekend

LEAP is over! All of the hard work and planning that went into the weekend allowed it to go off without a hitch - and from what I hear from the team members who were there (the support team, which is what I was the rector for, doesn't actually go on the weekend) the talks were wonderful and the candidates got a lot out of the whole experience.

Being on team for a retreat like this is so much fun - the team is always a mix of individuals from all classes, majors, interests and groups of friends, but everyone always comes together to create a really excellent whole. Because candidates are also from all classes, majors, interests and groups of friends, it is really comforting for them to see people on team who are both similar and different from them.

One of the best things about the LEAP program is that it's for everyone - it is not just for people who are involved in Campus Ministry or people who are involved in a lot of things on campus or for people who are athletes - it's for everyone and the fact that everyone can take a different experience from it is one of my favorite parts.

Here is a picture of the team from one of our meetings!