Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Uniform

SMC kids wear an unnatural amount of school apparel - and that causes people to constantly have chance meetings with alums all over the world, all because of an SMC shirt. I been called out all over the place for my SMC apparel, including most recently in Arizona! SMC alums are all over the place, and they continue their constant wearing of SMC clothing, no matter where they are!

Here are a few examples from my own life...

My (now roommate) Heather (SMC '10) and I in Kentucky back in 2008 sporting our SMC gear

SMC in the Dominican Republic in 2009!

SMC shirt AND sweats in Baltimore, MD on a service trip in 2010
(we were showing off our break dancing skills in case you couldn't tell)

My sister, Emily (SMC '12) and I running the Hinesburg Hilly Hobble over the 4th of July

Once an SMCer, always an SMCer...with LOTS of t-shirts to prove it!

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