Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Life without music would be a mistake" - Nietzsche

I love music. Like I absolutely LOVE music. I listen to it all day at work as I read applications, answer e-mails and book travel visits. I listen to it in the car. I listen to it at home while cooking, knitting or reading. I watch TV shows that include music (hello GLEE!) and would go to every Broadway musical ever made if I could. But I'm not a musician - until now.

When our office's web support specialist sent out an e-mail trying to recruit members for the Winooski Community Chorus that she directs I laughed a little - I've never been a singer, but man, I can sure belt out the tunes in the car. However, once I got to thinking about it a little more, I decided that I wanted to try joining the chorus - I mean, what did I have to lose? Maria said that it was very low key, and that they were going to be singing Broadway songs. Two things I love more than anything - things that are relaxed and Broadway. I was in.

Independently of this, my roommate and fellow SMC staff member Mallory also decided to join the chorus. Perfect. What better way to have fun then belting out show tunes with one of my best friends? Mal still has to sing my notes for me and tell me to stop singing when it's not our turn, but I think I doing fine, especially now that I know what notes to look at on the sheet.

SMC has taught me to go for what I want - if I want to sing in a chorus, I should just commit to it and try my hardest - and maybe I'll find a new hobby that I could have for the rest of my life!

So if you're applying to SMC, just think about me jamming out in my cubicle to the wide variety of music that I listen to as I read your application - today is was a mix of Girl Talk, Carolina Liar and my grooveshark.com playlist of all of the chorus' songs for our concert...so when I've got my headphones in, watch out, I'm a happy girl!

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