Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Road Runner!

So this is officially my third week on the road and everything has been going great! I've visited lots of great schools and met with wonderful students and counselors, been to some great college fairs and had several Coffee with a Counselor meetings.

Admission Counselors tend to refer to themselves as "Road Runners" because of how much they are out and about and how savvy they get about navigating life out of a suitcase. Here are a few things I've learned so far -

1. WATER! Completely, utterly necessary at all times of the day. I have my regular water bottle going all the time, plus always grab a free bottle from college fairs, hotels, high school visits, wherever.

2. Shoes - you always know a rookie Admission Counselor by his/her (typically her) footwear - you won't catch me dead in anything that might squish my feet, give me a backache or make it any more uncomfortable to stand for several hours straight. I'm the queen of Dansko clogs!

3. U-Turns - apparently in New Jersey you don't make left turns. Very confusing at first, but now that I've got the U-Turn in my back pocket, I'm everywhere.

4. Hair - yep, my long locks are gone. I just couldn't do the road anymore with my hair constantly getting stuck, caught, pulled, yanked, tangled, whatever. Like the new 'do?

'Till next time, you can find me cruising the roads of NJ and NY looking for anyone who wants to hear about St. Mike's. Maybe you??


Anonymous said...

HI i entered the contest! my name is Tess Allen and my email is chlorinegirl@tds.net thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Maggie Cavanaugh at mrcrfl08@comcast.net. Happy Holidays :D

Anonymous said...

Jess Martin! e-mail: jess.martin8@hotmail.com Thanks!