Thursday, August 12, 2010

Epitome of Summer

I just finished the busiest week of my summer, but by far the best one yet! I went to Maine with my family from Thursday - Sunday (more on that in my next post...) and then immediately went and met my two best friends, Amy and Emily, from camp last year for three days of togetherness and fun!

Last summer I served as the Sub-Senior Line Division Head at Lochearn Camp for Girls, where I met Amy (Junior Line Division Head) and Emily (Senior Line Division Head). We immediately bonded because of our similar jobs, and then became extremely close friends in the process. We had been trying to hatch a plan to see one another again, but our schedules and distance from each other was challenging! However, Amy, who is from Utah, decided to fly into Boston and Emily, who is from Nova Scotia, Canada drove down and we all met in Hanover, NH, which is close to Lochearn.

Me and Emily while enjoying ice cream at Kimball Farm Ice Cream in Carlisle, MA (SO delicious)
Me and Amy
(l-r) Emily, Sarah, me, Marilyn, Becky, Emily, Amy at dinner at Molly's in Hanover, NH. Emily, Sarah, Becky and Marilyn went back to camp this year and had the evening off, so we all met up and had a fantastic time together!

We had infinite laughs, a ton of mishaps, very little sleep and just had fun being together! We spent the first night in a tent that was really comfortably made for two people, but we cuddled up and fit all three... We went and visited camp and saw lots of staff members and campers who we hadn't seen in for a year which was really nice. We met up for dinner with more camp friends, and then had to get a hotel for the second night because of torrential rains, lightning, thunder and an absolutely soaked tent. We then traveled to MA where we shopped and went sightseeing in Boston, met up with more camp people and enjoyed some time off from work/school.

I was so sad to say goodbye to both of them, but we had an amazing time and will work hard to get us all back together again soon. Emily's 30th birthday is next year and she and a few friends are flying to Las Vegas, which is conveniently close to Arizona State University where Amy is getting her masters degree and I could fly for relatively cheap...hey, a girl can dream, right??

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