Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Giving Back...

Every Tuesday I go over to the local nursing home to spend time with a few of the residents - I had initially wanted to crochet with an elderly resident who might like to have some company, but I've become more like the visitor of the day, going around and visiting various ladies, talking about crochet projects, nursing home happenings, my life and wheeling them from place to place. I love being able to spend a little time during my work day with a totally different population than I am used to.

Today was BINGO day for the residents - boy did they all get excited about that! The activities lady wheeled out a little cart of prizes and drew about 20 of the elderly residents. It was so much fun to sit with them as they played - they were all so happy and excited!

As you know, St. Mike's is where I really started with my passion for service, but oddly enough, the movie UP was one of my motivations for wanting to volunteer at this nursing home. When I watched the movie I cried my eyes out when thinking of the poor old man without his wife, so I was motivated to try to make a difference in an elderly person's life. I hope I am succeeding!

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