Tuesday, October 13, 2009

...and a mouse named Mickey!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was headed off for a weekend of service, backpacking and camping at Merck Forest and Farmland Center in Rupert, VT (www.merckforest.org) this past weekend. Middlebury has a Fall Break (just like SMC!) for Columbus day, so I traveled with 10 students to Merck on Saturday and returned yesterday (Monday).

We stacked wood at five different cabins and also did a lot of trail work in the forest. We had a very diverse and interesting group: six guys and four girls (plus me), two of whom were freshmen, one was a transfer student, three were international students and all of them had a lot to offer!

We stayed in a cabin in the forest and had an absolutely hilarious time. We laughed constantly, dodged a lot of mice (one particularly friendly one who wanted to visit us while we were sleeping was nicknamed "Mickey"), survived extremely cold nights and cooked some incredible food. I am really feeling like working with college students is my "calling" (if such a thing exists!). Enjoy the photos!
Trail Maintenance at Merck

The trip theme...feasts. Especially with peanut butter. In this photo I believe it is a peanut butter chocolate chip pancake...yum!

Cozy...all 11 of us slept in the loft to stay warm...

Front Row (l-r): me, Matt, Abigail, Sierra
Middle Row: Petra, Marilyn, Alex
Back Row: Lucas, Yuan, Yunfei, Ben

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