Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm Going to Summer Camp!

So a few posts back I mysteriously mentioned a summer opportunity that I had been offered and promised more information later...well the time has come to tell you all about it because I an officially contracted employee!!

This summer (from June 6th - August 16th) I will be working at Lochearn Camp for Girls on Lake Fairlee in Post Mills, VT. I am going to be a Division Head, which means that I will supervise the counselors and campers in the Sub-Senior line (ages 11-12). The job will be a mix of teaching (Lochearn is a teaching camp - I might teach yoga, dance, writing or something to that effect), supervision, administration, management, communication with parents etc... I am definitely looking forward to this unique experience!

The reason that I chose Lochearn specifically was because of the values and mottos of the camp - it is very in line with my own morals and interests, so I hope that it will be a mutually productive summer. I am very excited!

Check out their website here!

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