Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're home!

Just a quick post to let you know that my group and I returned from the Dominican Republic earlier this morning after an incredible week. I will post more later, but I wanted to put up a few photos and just share the over all awesomeness of this experience. I had the best week of my entire life, and I can't wait to share more...however, we slept very little during the week and also missed our flight last night, meaning that we only slept from 2 am to 6 other words, I'm exhausted and heading to bed. Enjoy the photos and check back for more soon!

Walking up to the work site in el Rifle where we worked on building a house. (I'm on the far right with the red shorts!)

Our group with some of the community members who came out to say goodbye to us when we left. (I'm sitting down on the stairs)


Carrie said...

Hi Carrie! I am a Carrie too!! hahaha. I am seriously considering coming to Saint Mike's and participating in the MOVE program. Do freshman get as many opportunities to participate as older students? I know I would love to take a trip like you just did and was hoping that was possible as soon as freshman year.

carrieSMC said...

hi Carrie!!
Thanks so much for the message and for reading my blog. Freshman have a lot of opportunities to get involved in MOVE and even though you can't go on an International Service trip like this one, you can participate in service in the Burlington area as well as apply for a domestic service trip (I went on a domestic service trip to Kentucky...check out my post from last year detailing that experience!). Involvement in MOVE starts as early as the very beginning of your freshman year with a variety of opportunities and once you have gone on a domestic service trip, you can apply for an international one. Hope this helps! E-mail me with more questions - I'd love to talk!